Why Do Polar Bears Not Eat Penguins?


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Polar bears do not consume penguins because both penguins and polar bears live on opposite poles and never encounter one another. Penguins live in Antarctica, while polar bears live in the Arctic. Polar bears are carnivores and rely mainly on bearded and ringed seals for their diet, but they also eat beluga, bowhead whale carcasses and bird eggs.

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Why Do Polar Bears Not Eat Penguins?
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Polar bears spend most of their time on the borders of packed ice patches where they are likely to find seals to eat. Polar bears often go on quests alone that cover thousands of miles in order to find food during the course of a year. Polar bears have thick fur and a layer of blubber that makes them well-suited for the frigid, cold climates of the Arctic, and they have large flat feet that make them ideal swimmers.

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