How Do Polar Bears Defend Themselves?

Polar bears rarely need to defend themselves because they are at the top of their respective food chain in the Arctic, but they can defend themselves with their large bodies and sharp teeth. The only true threats that the polar bears encounter are from humans who destroy their habitat or attempt to poach the bears, and warming temperatures due to climate change.

The polar bear is facing threats predominantly due to climate change. Climate change has warmed the Arctic regions and is continuing to warm them, which causes the sea ice to melt and that sea ice is what enables the polar bears to hunt and to feed themselves sufficiently. The polar bear is know listed as "vulnerable" with the International Union for Conservation of Nature and "threatened" with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Center.

Polar bears are strong animals and are able to avoid predation because of this strength as well as their size. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles within a single day thanks to their slightly webbed paws. They are also able to blend in to their surroundings with their white coats. The polar bear eats seals, dead whale carcasses and arctic foxes or arctic hares. Female polar bears have also been known to attack anything that comes near their cubs, however, male polar bears do not help to raise the babies and on occasion will even attempt kill their cubs.