How Do Polar Bears Breathe?

Polar bears breathe air through their noses and mouths and into their lungs. Polar bears are also adept at holding their breath while diving underwater, with polar bears in the wild being observed holding their breath for up to 72 seconds.

Polar bears can reach up to 1,760 pounds, although the average male weighs from 550 to 1,320 pounds and the average female weighs anywhere from 200 to 700 pounds. Males range in height from 8 to 9 feet from nose to tail, while females of the species average 6 to 7 feet. Most polar bears live 20 to 25 years.

Polar bears are excellent swimmers, having been observed up to 200 miles out to sea. According to the World Conservation Union or IUCN, there are 25,000 or fewer polar bears remaining in the world.