What Are Some Poems About a Pet's Death?


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Some poems about a pet's death are "Tribute to a Best Friend" and "Treasured Friend." Both poems talk about the pain of losing a pet while remembering the happy memories of the pet during it's life. "Lend Me a Pup" is another poem that talks about losing a pet. It talks about caring for the pet during it's life.

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In "Tribute to a Best Friend," the writer talks about looking at the stream of light that comes in through the window. The pet used to sit in the stream of light. The writer misses the noises of the animal bouncing happily down the hall. When the writer hears the noise of a pet, for a moment she thinks it might be her pet, but then she remembers that her pet is gone. The memories of the pet are treasured, the author says. She looks forward to meeting her friend again in another life.

"Treasured Friend" talks about how the pet used to lay on her owner's knee, and in doing so, shared silent thoughts with her owner. Even though the loss of the pet makes her owner sad, she remembers good things about the pet and thanks the pet for her loyalty. The owner looks forward to hearing the dog bark again one day.

"Lend Me a Pup" says that a pet is on loan from God during the pet's life. The pet's owner takes good care of the pet for God during the its life. The owner grieves at the loss of the pet ,but understands that God has a plan for the pet's life.

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