What Plants Are Toxic to Cats?

More than 100 plants are poisonous to cats, including aloe vera, candelabra, daffodil, eucalyptus and Morning Glory, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association and PetMD. Cats can have varying reactions to poisonous plants from mild stomach upset to life-threatening symptoms and even death, notes PetMD.

Lilies are among the most toxic plants for cats, with the capability to cause total kidney failure in as little as 36 hours, states the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. In a few cases, only a part of the plant, such as the bark or the seeds, is considered poisonous, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association. PetMD recommends assuming that the entire plant is toxic and advises keeping all toxic plants away from cats both inside and outside. The possible symptoms of toxic ingestion include confusion, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and irregular heartbeat. Poisoned cats also can experience lethargy, difficulty eating or drinking, a change in urine color or tremors, according to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Owners should take any cat that has ingested a toxic plant to a veterinarian’s office immediately. For best results, treatment should be administered within one to two hours, according to PetMD. Exact treatment plans vary depending on the ingested plant, so the owner should bring a list of plants the cat may have eaten.