What Plants Are Poisonous to Cats?


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There are many plants that are toxic to cats, with some of the most common being amaryllis, tulips, lilies and English ivy. Over 100 plants that are toxic to cats and other animals, and consulting with a veterinarian prior to the introduction of a new plant is a good idea.

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Other common toxic plants for cats include the yew tree, autumn crocus, rhododendrons, azaleas and chrysanthemums. Also, oleander, marijuana, Spanish thyme and sage palm are toxic for cats. The ASPCA can provide pet owners with a complete list. Signs that a feline has encountered a toxic plant include irritation or inflammation of the skin or mouth, gastrointestinal upset and problems, difficulty breathing, vomiting and irregular heartbeat.

A poison control center or veterinarian should be contacted immediately, as some plants are more poisonous than others. Prior to receiving treatment, a cat can benefit from an owner removing any plant debris from the pet's fur and washing the cat with warm water and dish soap. A veterinarian is able to better treat the problem if a sample of the plant is obtained and if the plant is identifiable. To prevent ingestion of toxic plants, ensure that the plant is of a nontoxic variety. Even with immediate care, some toxic plants are fatal to felines.

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