How do you plant oats for feeding deer?


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To plant oats to attract deer, select a site for the oats, clear the area, prepare the soil, and sow the oats. Select a site that is far from other flowers, vegetables and fruits that deer might otherwise eat. Alternatively, if you are willing to sacrifice these plants to attract deer, plant the oats close to them to further entice local deer.

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To save time on preparing the ground, you can use a site from which you have already harvested other crops. Otherwise, mark out a plot with stakes in a sunny, flat area that has regular access to rainwater. Gentle slopes facing the sunrise are ideal.

Remove weeds and other vegetation using a mattock to dig out the roots to prevent regrowth. Use a tiller to break up the soil to a depth of 6 inches. Scatter the oat seed by hand or with a seed spreader. Use a rake to work the seed into the soil. There should be approximately 1 inch of soil covering the seeds. Use a lawn roller to tamp down the soil.

It is illegal to lure deer with planted oats if you intend to hunt them, so check with local regulators before planting for this purpose.

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