What Are Places That Have Rescue Westies for Adoption?


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Most states have Westie rescue representative groups or clubs that may be located on the West Highland White Terrier Club of America's official website. Some rescue groups, such as the Westie Rescue of Tennessee Inc. and the Westie Rescue Inc. in Virginia, often have available Westies for adoption.

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The WHWTCA is the national Westie club in the United States. It is a member club of the American Kennel Club and is responsible for setting the standard characteristics that define a Westie. The WHWTCA provides a list of Westie rescue coordinators in each state that includes the name of the organization, contact information and, if applicable, the website of the rescue group.

Rescue groups, such as the rescue organizations in Tennessee and Virginia, post information about adoptable Westie dogs on Petfinder.com. The online pet adoption site provides the basic information about the dogs, including images, location, sex and age.

Most adoptable Westie dogs from rescue organizations are already past 1 year old and have been abandoned, maltreated or abused. While most rescue groups put the dogs up for adoption, some search for foster homes first while searching for a permanent home for the dogs. Other rescue organizations encourage a permanent foster home for older or senior dogs, an arrangement that allows volunteers to take care of the dogs with the financial support of the rescue group. This allows "no-kill" rescue groups to take more abandoned dogs into their facility.

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