Where Are the Best Places to Look for Free Blue Pit Bull Puppies?

Blue pit bull puppies are very rarely offered free of charge, but city animal shelters, county animal control facilities, SPCA organizations and pit bull rescues regularly offer pit bull puppies. Local animal rescues, no-kill shelters and canine foster groups also adopt blue pit bull puppies to qualified owners. Occasionally, owners give pit bull puppies to good homes free of charge. Check sites such as Craigslist, eBay Classifieds, PetFinder and local classified ads for listings for free blue pit bull puppies.

Interested adopters may find a free blue pit bull puppy by posting advertisements online or in local papers.

Sometimes, animal shelters waive the adoption fee for pit bulls and pit bull puppies. Animal shelters sponsor these free adoption events to compensate for the high intake rate of pit bulls, so it is a good idea to contact local shelters to see if they have blue pit bull puppies available. Some rescues and foster groups also offer free pit bull puppies to qualified homes. In many cases, however, organizations require an adoption fee for pit bulls. Shelters apply the adoption fee to the animals' shots, spay surgeries and any necessary medical treatments. In most cases, the adoption fee is much less than a buyer would expect to pay to a pit bull breeder or pet store.