Is There Any Place Where You Can Get Free Horse Photos?


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Horse pictures can be found for free on Stablemade. Apart from photos of horses in various settings or poses, there are also photos of mini ponies.

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Free horse pictures can also be found on FreeNaturePhotos. They are meant for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

A horse, which is scientifically called Equus caballus, is a herbivorous mammal. Weighing around 120 to 2,200 lbs., the horse's height at its shoulder can vary from 30 to 69 inches. There is an estimate of 400 non-identical breeds that race, pull wagons and do other things. Wild horses normally stick in groups of 3 to 20 with a stallion as the group leader. Once a young male turns into a colt, it is chased away from the group by the stallion.

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