What are Pixie bobcats?


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Pixie bobcats, or Pixie-bobs as they are often called, are domestic cats that highly resemble and are said to be descended from wild bobcats in the northwestern part of the United States. This breed is known for its fierce appearance, loyalty to a family, polydactyl paws and ability to be trained.

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Pixie bobcats were accepted as a breed in 1994. Some people believe that Pixie bobcats come from the result of a male bobcat breeding with a domestic cat. However, others believe that the breed's traits may be the result of a genetic mutation.

Physically these cats are known for their short tails and spotted coats, as well as for having more toes than normal, a trait which is only observed in this breed. Pixie-bobs have a double coat and can have long or short hair. They are medium to large in size. Most Pixie-bobs have the standard markings of a brown tabby cat.

These cats are often called dogs in disguise because of their many canine traits. They are very loyal to their families and enjoy spending time with a group of people. These cats can also be taught many tricks that are usually characteristic to dogs, such as walking on a leash or playing fetch with toys.

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