What Do Pitbulls Eat?


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Pitbulls are most often fed dry dog food at two different times of the day depending on the size of the dog and its age, with most dogs getting between 1.5 and 2.5 cups of dog food, according to Dogtime. Puppies will need to be fed less and also be given specific food formulated for puppies due to their constant growth that requires different nutrients.

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The pitbull should also be fed depending on its activity level. Dogs that spend most of their day indoors and resting will not need as much as a pitbull that spends a significant amount of time outside or who goes for long walks every day.

If an owner wants to provide the dog with treats, then veterinarians recommend giving the dog no more than 5 percent of the dog's regular intake in the form of treats. If the pitbull is given too many treats, it may become obese. Obese dogs are more likely to get a variety of diseases and conditions when compared with healthy sized dogs.

Owners should also be aware of potential food allergies such as rice, corn, beef and wheat allergies. Pitbulls that are allergic to these items can end up with itchy dry skin and rashes that also lead to injuries when the dog wants to bite and scratch itself due to the pain.

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