Where Are Pitbull Puppies Available for Free Adoption Online?


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Pit bull puppies are available for free adoption online from organizations such as Paws Companions, a rescue organization in Lynnwood, Washington. Local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies may also have pit bull puppies available for adoption. Although the puppies have no price tags, many adoption organizations charge rehoming fees.

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Where Are Pitbull Puppies Available for Free Adoption Online?
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As of 2015, pit bull fans can also find pit bulls for adoption on the Villalobos Rescue Center website. Based in Louisiana, this rescue center has become famous because it sits at the center of the reality TV show Pitbulls and Paroles. The show focuses on the plight of pit bulls that need homes and the band of paroles who help rescue them from bad situations and find them their forever home.

Most rescue centers have adult pit bulls for adoption, but as some of the pit bulls they rescue may be pregnant, these rescue centers often have puppies as well.

Pit bulls have earned an unfortunate reputation as dangerous dogs, and some apartment complexes or cities ban these dogs as a dangerous breed.

However, just like any other breed of dog, pit bulls can be trained and socialized. Prospective pit bull owners can get more information on raising pit bulls on websites such as BadRap.org, PBRC.org and AnimalFarmFoundation.org.

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