Why Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

It is a common misconception that American Pit Bull dogs as a breed are dangerous, according to PawNation and PetMD. While it is true that some animals have been mishandled by breeders and owners to create a dangerous animal, this trait is contrary to the nature of the breed.

Descended from Bull and Terrier farming breeds, American Pit Bulls are naturally gentle and loving to humans, possessing a strong desire to please. It is this trait, combined with their gaming instinct, that has been exploited by some breeders and owners to create animals that are more aggressive toward other animals for the purposes of illegal dog fighting. Even when bred and trained for dog fighting, these animals tend to remain non-aggressive toward humans due to their desire to please and the handler's need to be in control of the animal. Essentially, the aggression trait is developed, but at the same time, its gentleness toward humans remains strong. There are also medical reasons that aggression may occur in an animal, regardless of the breed. Genetic defects, neurological conditions and conditions that cause pain may lead an animal to be more likely to harm a person. As with many breeds, the American Pit Bull can be a gentle and loving member of any household.