What Is a Pit Bull?

What Is a Pit Bull?

The modern pit bull terrier is a dog that traces its lineage back to bull-baiting dogs of England that were used to hunt bears and other large animals. Although they have a loving disposition, the strong jaws of pit bulls make them ideal for illegal dog-fighting competitions.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation due to instances where they were bred for fighting competitions. In reality, a pit bull is one of the sweetest, most loyal dog breeds in the world, and it is perfect for a family pet, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Even the dogs bred for competition are comfortable with being handled by humans, as they crave interaction with people.

The pit bull dogs found in breeder's homes are loyal, sweet and loving. These dogs love their owners and will guard them against intruders, which makes them the perfect guard dogs. They are also loving towards children and will let children play with their ears and snuggle up next to them. The pit bull, though larger in size, considers itself to be a lap dog and will try to get as close to its person as it can.

A pit bull is like most other species in that if it is chained outside, abused and has no chance for socialization, there is a chance of aggressiveness toward people and other dogs. Those who obtain a pit bull as a puppy and make the effort to socialize it with other dogs and children have a fun, loving pet for a lifetime.

The ASPCA opposes laws that ban particular breeds, such as the pit bull. In the case of the pit bull, the dog's disposition is a case of its environment versus genetics.