What Does a Pike Eat?

Pike are carnivores, feeding primarily on other fish, frogs or snakes. However, given the opportunity, they also eat small birds and mammals. A pike requires 25 percent of its body weight in food daily.

Pike have needle-like teeth and lurk in shallow grassy areas waiting for food. According to "Field and Stream," they have the ability to bite through many fishing lines and human fingers. There are also reports of a pike clamping onto a Russian angler's nose and requiring surgical removal. Pike average 2 to 7 feet in length. Most weigh 10 to 20 pounds, but some reach as much as 60 pounds. The pike's natural habitat includes lakes that freeze in the winter, and they are abundant in the northern United States. When introduced to other environments, their excellent hunting ability as predators often devastates other game fish in the area. On the line, pike are stubborn fighters, adding to their value as a game fish. Reference.com states that while pike are boney, their flesh is delicious. While anglers often refer to walleyes as pike, they are not true pike, but a type of perch. Anglers fish for pike using worms, minnows and artificial lures that imitate the foods they eat.