What Are Some Facts About Pigs?


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Pigs are very social animals and prefer to live in groups. They are single stomached animals and can and will eat almost anything, but do best on a balanced diet containing plenty of protein and some fiber. Commercial pig farmers tend to feed their pigs a corn-based diet. The natural diet of a pig consists of leaves, roots, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and rodents.

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As reported by Farm Folly, the ability of a young piglet to grow rapidly is one of the reasons why pigs have been raised for meat in so many societies for centuries. On a good diet a tiny piglet can produce 120 pounds of high quality pork products in about four months. Farm Folly also reports that pigs produce large amounts of high quality fertilizer, leather and lard in addition to meat.

The female pig, also known as a sow, nurses her litter for about five weeks. After weaning, piglets are called weaners or shoats. Full grown pigs can weigh hundreds of pounds. They have poor eyesight but a keen sense of smell. The characteristic pig snout is a specialized smelling and digging tool, designed to assist the pig in rooting around in the dirt looking for edibles.

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