How Do Pigeons Reproduce?

Pigeons, like most other birds, reproduce by laying fertilized eggs and waiting for them to hatch.

The pigeon mating and fertilizing process is similar to that of other birds with the male mounting the female.

Once pigeons have laid their fertilized eggs, they will have to wait for around 19 days for the eggs to hatch. They usually lay two eggs per breeding session and will wait around 30 days in between broods. A newly hatched pigeon will have to wait about 30 to 37 days before it is able to leave the nest and become independent. During the time of incubation, males and females share the role of parent equally. They work together to keep the eggs warm. Females will generally sit on the eggs during the daytime hours and males will generally sit on the eggs during the nighttime hours.

While many birds will frequently change partners or pick new partners throughout their lives, pigeons will pick a partner for the rest of their life. They will only change partners when one of the pair is lost or dies and will frequently wait one breeding season for their lost partner before they choose a new partner. Pigeons are a family type of bird and stay dedicated to their entire family of birds, not just their partner.