What Are Some Pig Breeds?

What Are Some Pig Breeds?

Some pig breeds include Chester whites, Durocs, Poland Chinas and tamworths. The Chester white pig comes from Chester County, Pennsylvania, and its ancestors originally came from England.

The breed standard for the Chester white is that it is a completely white pig with a dished-in face, large, floppy ears and a thick coat. Ideally, the ears flop over the eyes. The pigs are known for being sound and maternal.

The Duroc is a red pig, and white feet or white spots anywhere save the end of the nose disqualify the pig from being shown. This is also true if the pig has more than three spots or if the spots are larger than 2 inches around. Boars must be whole, and the sow must have at least six working udders per side.

Tamworth pigs are also red, and they are known for their intelligence and their ability to forage. They originated in England and have coats of straight, fine gold-red hairs. They have slightly dished faces and large, erect ears. Tamworths weigh between 500 and 600 pounds by the time they're mature.

Poland Chinas are large pigs. To be shown, they must be black with six white points and floppy ears. A boar with a solid black leg cannot be shown. Poland Chinas resemble Berkshire pigs, but Berkshires have erect ears.