What Is a Piebald Ball Python?


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A piebald ball python is a snake of the species Python regius that has wide areas of white coloring interspersed with usual levels of pigmentation. The head and body nearest the head are usually unaffected. The piebald pattern is genetically recessive.

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The piebald pattern resembles the ringer color pattern, but piebald snakes have much more white on their bodies than ringers. Most snakes with the ringer pattern have a small white spot on their bellies over their kidneys; at most, they have a ring of white. The piebald pattern is also much more random. Other than not affecting the head and forward portion of the snake, the spots can be in any location and be of any size. The pattern affects the colored areas somewhat, producing paired stripes of dark pigment in the colored areas, rather than the usual light keyhole spots.

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