Where are there pictures of diseased marine fish online?


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Photos of diseased marine fish are available online at Saltwater-Aquarium-Online-Guide.com and FishChannel.com. Saltwater Aquarium Online Guide lists common saltwater fish diseases and discusses how to treat them. Topics include bacterial infections, viral and fungal disease, parasitic infestations and other health-related problems.

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Each topic includes a photo, causes of the disease, typical symptoms a fish may exhibit and suggested treatment. Saltwater Aquarium Online Guide also features a comprehensive collection of articles about marine fish care, corals, aquarium basics and marine fish nutrition, as well as an acclimation guide.

Fish Channel hosts detailed information and illustrative photos of common marine diseases such as white spot, marine velvet and Brooklynellosis. This site also provides treatment options and information on the dangers of using copper in the treatment of disease.

Additionally, Fish Channel features information on reef tanks, saltwater fish, ponds and koi, as well as freshwater fish. Site visitors can access a guide to aquascaping, aquarium setups, species profiles and tank care and maintenance.

Marine fish commonly suffer from bacterial infections such as fin rot and wasting disease. Fin rot typically causes an erosion of the fins characterized by a reddening at the base. Wasting disease does not cause any obvious visual signs and is difficult to recognize. Symptoms may appear late in the disease and can include emaciation, skin lesions and labored breathing.

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