How Do You Pick a Puppy?

How Do You Pick a Puppy?

To pick a puppy, look for signs of good physical health and for indications that he likes people. Check for signs that the puppy is teachable, and note whether he guards things.

  1. Check for signs of good health

    Look at the puppy’s eyes to ensure they are alert. Check for some fat around his ribcage, and look for a puppy that walks without limping. Ensure that the puppy can see well by rolling a ball in front of him, and check his hearing by clapping your hands behind his ears

  2. Check for signs that the puppy likes people

    Stand a few feet away from the puppy, and make sounds that encourage him to come near you. If the puppy runs away, cowers or ignores your attempts, it may be hard to form a relationship with him.

  3. Check to see if the puppy is teachable

    Play with the puppy by allowing him to mouth on your hand. Check to see if he stops biting when you yelp or say ouch in a high-pitched voice.

  4. Check to see if the puppy guards things

    Offer the puppy some food and stand several feet back. Then approach him slowly. If he allows you to pet him, you can take him home without frightening him.