How Do You Pick a Dog Breed?


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Speaking with a local shelter or a local dog breeder is a great way to decide what breed of dog is the best. When picking a dog breed, evaluating the needs of the family is essential.

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There are questions that anyone considering a dog should ask themselves: how much room is available for an animal? What size of a dog is wanted? Every dog breed is unique in its own way. Each breed has their own temperament and needs. Some dogs are extremely hyper and may be better for kids, such as a Jack Russell Terrier. For more relaxed families, Basset Hounds might be more appropriate.

There are special requirements that should be considered before choosing the right dog. For instance, if hair is an issue, then having a dog that demands more grooming may not be the best choice. All dogs should be groomed to stay healthy, and all dogs shed, but every breed sheds differently. Some breeds shed year round, while others hardly shed at all. The gender and age of the dog are the easiest choices to make.

Getting a puppy entails more work and requires plenty of time and patience. However, adult dog breeds like German Shepherds are usually easier to train and already know simple compliance instructions.

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