How Do You Find Photographs of Coyotes?


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You can find coyote photos by searching online, wildlife photo galleries, such as those of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Missouri Department of Conservation. You can also often find photos accompanying articles about coyotes, as in the case of the National Geographic Society's coyote entry.

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How Do You Find Photographs of Coyotes?
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To find coyote photos on the USFWS National Digital Library website, enter "coyote" into the website's search engine. This pulls up a series of coyote photos, albeit interspersed with a much larger number of online pamphlets and documents. You can narrow your search results by picture format. The library includes photos of individual coyotes on the prowl and a female with pups.

You can locate photos on the Missouri Department of Conservation's media gallery in a similar manner. Open the gallery (the link is found on the bottom of the MDC homepage) and type "coyote" into the Type Your Own search box. After you click Find, the website pulls up not only coyote photos but also video clips and sound recordings of the creature's call.

The National Geographic Society's entry on coyotes includes a short photo slide accompanying the article and showing the wild dog in several habitat and behavioral scenarios. Click on the credit beneath each photograph to view the caption, details and comments.

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