What Does PetSmart Pet Insurance Cover?


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The features of PetSmart pet insurance differ depending on which plan the customer chooses, but the features can include unlimited free visits to any Banfield location inside PetSmart, high-quality vaccines and examinations. This insurance does not cover anything done outside of the Banfield locations.

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These plans are meant to cover preventive care, vaccinations and to alert owners to any issues, which may need to be addressed at a full-service veterinarian. The website specifically states that this insurance is not intended to treat injury or illness. If customers want insurance that will cover emergencies or to treat injury or illness they will need an additional package from another company. Even with the additional coverage, the Banfield facilities are not set up to go beyond vaccines and basic blood tests.

Banfield's in-store services are somewhat less expensive than other plans on a monthly basis, but that is reflected in the services provided to the customers. The services that the PetSmart's Banfield offices offers are high quality, simply limited in number and options. They are very useful for preventive care and basic care for any animal. There are two yearly exams included for free that include a full-body exam, blood tests and, if available, stool test to make sure there are no complications and the animal is healthy.

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