What Are Some Pets That Women Keep?


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Dogs and cats provide comfort and companionship; this makes them a popular pet choice for women, notes SheKnows.com. Rabbits, hamsters, fish and birds are also gaining popularity as options for women looking for a new best friend.

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Women are naturally nurturing, and caring for a pet is a wonderful outlet for compassion. Pets can bring peace, relaxation and a sense of well-being into a home. They also keep a spirit of adventure and playfulness alive during times of stress.

Different pets are suited for different lifestyles, and the pets women keep are vastly varied. Dogs are the most common pet for females and are perfect for both women who are single or those who have a family. They require daily feedings and walks, but they offer unconditional love in return. Cats are another option; they are very self-sufficient and require less maintenance than dogs. They are great for cuddle sessions and playful entertainment. For busy women with time constraints, hamsters, birds and fish offer the joys of owning a pet with minimal care requirements.

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