What Are Some Pet Pig Names?

There are many popular pet pig names, such as Pinky, Pudge, Nugget, Baxter, Scooter and Dusty. Famous pig names from movies and literature include Miss Piggy, Wilbur, Babe, Arnold and Hamm. Porky Pig had his own cartoon, and Piglet was a star of the "Winnie the Pooh" stories.

Several websites offer lists of possible pig names, including PigNamed.com and PetNames.net, a site on which users can select the type of animal they want to name. Pig names listed range from names similar to common dog and cat names to popular human names or exotic names.

Many pig owners connect with famous pigs in popular culture, such as pigs featured in movies, television shows and books. "Wilbur," from the children's classic "Charlotte's Web," is a pig name some find inspirational because of the book's plot in which Wilbur is rescued first by young Fern and later by the spider, Charlotte. The name "Miss Piggy" was created for "The Muppet Show," and connotes a diva-style flair portrayed by that character.

"Piglet," from the Winnie the Pooh series, is a name some choose for small or frightened pigs, similar to the personality displayed by Piglet in those stories. Movies such as "Babe" or "Toy Story," featuring the piggy bank Hamm, portray pigs as fun-loving creatures and inspire use of these names by those who enjoyed these films.