What Are Some Pet Names for Bunnies?


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Thumper, Oreo, Daisy and Bella are popular names for pet rabbits, according to Bunspace.com, an online community for rabbit lovers. Humorous names like Bunny Goodman and Bun Franklin are also popular.

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What Are Some Pet Names for Bunnies?
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In 2015, The American Veterinary Medical Association estimated the pet rabbit population of the United States to be over 3.2 million animals, in over 1.4 million households.

Domesticated American rabbits have over 36 different breeds and about 100 varieties. They have very sharp teeth and have been known to bite humans. Rabbits like to chew, and if left unattended in a home they are at risk of gnawing electrical cords or wooden furniture. They are usually inactive during daytime hours and like to sleep and be left alone. While they have an image as be cuddly pets, rabbits do not like to be carried.

Online forums for those who own rabbits, which also include MyBunnyFarm.com and RabbitBreeders.us, provide helpful information on care, health, feeding and breeding rabbits. Adoption resources are available for those looking for a pet bunny. Some of the websites encourage users to submit the names of their pet bunnies, creating a resource for those choosing a name. Charlie, Lily, Lola and Oliver are also listed among the top 10 most popular names for a pet rabbit.

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