What Do Pet Mice Eat?


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There are many commercial rodent foods that are available for pet mice; these foods come in block or pellet form. The food should be made up of at least 16 percent protein and 18 percent fiber, and it must not have more than 4 percent of fat.

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Pet mice can also be fed an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables to change their diet slightly while giving them variety. Fresh fruit and vegetables that should be offered to mice include peas, broccoli, carrots, apples and bananas. These should only be given in small amounts due to the small stomach of a mouse, and it is important for owners to note their pet's favorites.

Fresh water is also important to the diet of a mouse. Rodent drinkers, such as bottles with a long drinking tube attached, will be the best option for mice to get the water they need. They will be easy for the mouse to access and will not make a big mess like some water dishes may. Pet mice should never be fed cabbage, chocolate, corn, candy, other junk food, peanuts, uncooked beans or onions because these foods could be harmful to the mouse and can cause serious illness that has the possibility to lead to the mouse's death.

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