How Do You Find a Pet a Good Home?

How Do You Find a Pet a Good Home?

The best way to rehome a pet is to contact a rescue organization that may be capable of taking the pet. Kill shelters are not recommended because they are overpopulated and this means that pets are euthanized in kill shelters every day.

Before finding a pet a new home, be sure he or she is spayed or neutered, in good health, and up to date on vaccinations. This will make finding a new home much easier when prospective parents do not have to worry about the time and expense these things take.

  1. Evaluate the pet's behavior
  2. If a pet has bitten someone, or shows other signs of aggression or fear, have him or her evaluated by a pet behaviorist. Be sure to check local laws to make sure there are no laws against rehoming an aggressive pet.

  3. Make posters and signs
  4. Make posters and signs with full-color pictures of the pet and list his best qualities. Also add guidelines for potential owners, such as "Must be an only dog" or "Great with kids."

  5. Screen callers
  6. When people begin calling about the pet, tell each one that you have other interested adopters. This gives the owner a way out if he feels the pet is not the right home for the pet.

  7. Consult a rescue
  8. Rescues are the best to contact when an owner does not know the proper questions to ask from potential adopters. Rescues can specify what to look for and warn against any red flags.

  9. In worst-case scenario, contact a shelter
  10. There are plenty of good no-kill shelters located throughout the United States. Find out if they have space for another animal and make sure the shelter does everything in its power to ensure an animal gets adopted.