What Is the Pet Food Stamps Program?


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The Pet Food Stamps program was a social welfare effort meant to provide free pet food to economically disadvantaged pet owners in the United States. The program was modeled after the food stamps program, but was ultimately unable to stay in business.

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Unlike government-funded food stamps, the Pet Food Stamps program was backed by a non-profit organization. The program provided six months of free pet food to applicants, which was delivered for free to their homes. The website PetFlow partnered with the Pet Food Stamps organization to provide the food, which primarily targeted cats and dogs.

According to the Pet Food Stamps organization, more than 7 million cats and dogs are sent to high-kill shelters each year due to the owner's inability to provide for the pet. The central aim of the organization was to lower this figure.

As of 2015, the Pet Food Stamps organization is defunct. Since closing, evidence has been released indicating the program may have been a scam. Numerous clients claim to have never received pet food, and reports have surfaced indicating that the organization inappropriately used their clients' personal information. The organization also developed a reputation for providing vague, unhelpful customer service. Because no law suits have surfaced, it is impossible to tell the validity of these claims.

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