What Are Some Pet Constipation Remedies?


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Common remedies for pet constipation include increased exercise, an increase in dietary fiber, or an enema administered by a professional. Other treatments include stool softeners, laxatives, or medication to increase the strength of the large intestine.

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What Are Some Pet Constipation Remedies?
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An increase in exercise can aid the movement of feces through the digestive system by increasing circulation and by simply mechanically moving the bowels. An enema may be useful to remove an obstruction in the intestine. This must be done by a veterinary professional, however, as an enema can cause injury or toxicity if administered incorrectly. Chronic constipation may require a dietary change, especially in the amount of dietary fiber. A veterinarian may prescribe a specific high fiber formulated diet, but fiber can simply added by using Metamucil, wheat bran, or canned pumpkin. Stool softeners and laxatives are useful in aiding the passage of stools. Prescription medications may be used in specific cases of constipation due to a lack of muscle tone in the large intestine.

Excessive grooming can be a cause of constipation, as hair builds up in the stool and intestines. Likewise, foreign objects such as pebbles or toys may be ingested and block the digestive tract. Tumors or masses in the colon can cause constipation, as may blocked or abscessed anal glands.

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