What Are Some Pet Bird Breeds?


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Some popular pet bird breeds include the African grey, cockatiel, finch, macaw and parakeet. Unique in their personality, speaking ability and required level of care, there is one for the first-time owner to the experienced bird lover with plenty of time to dedicate.

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Native to forests and woodlands of the continent, the African grey consists of two species, the Congo and the slightly smaller Timneh. Greys are widely-considered the most intelligent of birds, developing a vocabulary of up to 1,000 words. Light to dark-grey and distinguished by their red tail feathers, many greys are known to live up to 80 years.

The cockatiel is native to Australia. Instantly recognized by its yellow head and orange cheek patches, cockatiels are noted for their friendly demeanor and ability to imitate sounds. Easy to train, they are ideal for first-time bird owners and have a lifespan of approximately 35 years.

The smallest of these popular pet bird breeds are finches; adults of some species measure just 3 inches. Native to Africa, Asia and Australia, finches may be any of a variety of colors, depending on geographic origin. As they are social birds, finches are most always kept in pairs and not alone.

The largest of the five is the macaw, which may reach up to 40 inches from head to tail. There are 17 species of the bird, and some are endangered. Loud birds treasured for their bright plumage, speaking ability and strong personality, the macaw is native to the rain forests of Central and South America and may live up to 100 years.

The most commonly-kept bird, the parakeet varies by species in color, size, noise level and personality. Known as the Budgerigar in their native Australia, captive parakeets should be given plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

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