What Personality Type Is a Corgi?

personality-type-corgi Credit: Daniel Stockman/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Welsh corgis are known for their loyalty, intelligence and protectiveness towards their owners. Despite their small size, they are great watch dogs. Pembroke Welsh corgis are extremely lovable and are not shy at all. They are also very easy to train because they love pleasing their owners, The Cardigan Welsh corgi is known for being devoted, alert and dependable. They are hesitant towards strangers.

Since corgis are bred for herding, they are all very energetic. Besides the personality differences between each breed, there are also differences in color, size and ease of training. The Welsh corgi is the smallest of the breeds, and the Cardigan Welsh corgi is the largest. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is known as the only corgi breed with a tail.

When choosing between these three breeds, it is crucial to consider all traits of each breed and the personality of the individual dog. Prospective corgi owners should research the energy level of the dog, the difficulty level of training that specific breed, any common health problems that the breed may have, and whether the breed is good with other pets and children. Knowing all of these details about the different breeds helps people determine which breed is the best fit for all family members.