What Is the Personality of a Russian Blue Cat?


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The Russian Blue cat’s personality is characterized as playful and amiable. This breed of cat enjoys human companionship and interaction. The Russian Blue cat also shows a preference for stability and familiarity.

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What Is the Personality of a Russian Blue Cat?
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The Russian Blue cat takes great pleasure in playing games. It gets along very well with humans, including children and babies. The Russian Blue cat is especially loyal to one member of a human family; therefore, it is not uncommon to see this cat following that person around most of the time.

The Russian Blue cat finds comfort in familiar surroundings and routines. Thus, certain unfamiliar actions, such as taking it to friends’ homes or to the vet, are likely to cause some distress. In the past, this breed of cat was known to be uncooperative at cat shows due to the change of locale and its finicky nature. In addition to not favoring new environments, the Russian Blue cat is shy when it comes to meeting new people; it often displays wariness when encountering strangers.

While the Russian Blue cat requires extra attention in certain circumstances, it is an overall friendly cat that enjoys the company of humans. It has even been reported to express sympathy toward humans through the use of affectionate gestures.

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