What Is the Personality of a Manx Cat?


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Manx cats are even-tempered and friendly. The breed has a history of being good mousers, so these cats are playful and enjoy hunting. They are also watchful and wary of threats, making them a good watch-cat option.

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What Is the Personality of a Manx Cat?
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Manx cats are highly adaptable as long as they get proper socialization as a kitten and are exposed to new experiences early on. They are intelligent and can be talkative, responding verbally to comments made by their owners. In addition to their watch-cat personality, this breed is interested in water and enjoys fetching, making them more similar to dogs than many other cat breeds. Manx cats are comfortable around other pets, including dogs, and create strong, affectionate bonds with their owners.

Although these cats are known for their short stubby tails, their tails come in many sizes. Some of them have full-length tails just like any other cat, while others have no tail at all. Those with no tail are called rumpies and may have a dimple at the base of their spine where a tail would normally be. Rumpies are the category that typically competes in breed shows. "Rumpie-risers" have tail stubs that may have a few vertebrae and can also compete in shows. "Stumpies" have slightly longer tails, and "longies" have tails more similar to an average cat. Neither of the longest two categories compete in shows.

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