What Is the Personality of French Bulldog?


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The French bulldog, sometimes called a Frenchie, is a small dog with an affectionate disposition. These dogs are generally well-behaved around other animals and new people. The Frenchie craves attention and constant companionship from its owner, often resorting to mischievous acts to steal attention whenever possible.

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What Is the Personality of French Bulldog?
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The Frenchie exhibits some of the personality traits of the original bulldog. The dogs, like its predecessor, are laid-back in nature and training them is simple if done with affection and patience. They are full of energy, especially when young, and their play can be a bit rough. They should be monitored and supervised accordingly when they play with small children. French bulldogs are not adept swimmers, so take extra precaution when exercising or playing with the dog near the water.

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