What Are the Personality Characteristics of Labrador Puppies?

personality-characteristics-labrador-puppies Credit: Kevin Rodriguez Ortiz/CC-BY 2.0

Each Labrador puppy has its own unique personality characteristics, though the American Kennel Association indicates that a Labrador is a generally active, outgoing and friendly breed. Like most puppies, a well-bred Labrador puppy is full of energy and loves to explore in and out of the house.

Labrador puppies are intelligent animals that require lots of exercise and attention while young. Because they are full of energy like most pups, they can be rambunctious while playing. As puppies, they love to chew and mouth stuff -- habits that can be broken if trained consistently while still young. They are eager to please and may greet or welcome family members with a “trophy” in its mouth. These could be anything they could reach and mouth, such as shoes, socks, pieces of clothing or even small insects.

Labrador puppies grow quickly, but they behave like puppies for a year or two even if they reach their full height and weight. They are clumsy while playing and can knock furniture and things out of their place if allowed to run around. Growing Labrador puppies are incredibly good eaters and have tendency to be obese if they have access to food all the time.

Although Labrador puppies may grow into big and strong dogs, they are generally social animals that get along well with other pets and people. They make good therapy and companion dogs if trained. Because of their sweet nature, they do not make good watchdogs.