What Is the Personality of an Australian Shepherd?


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The Australian shepherd is an active, affectionate dog that is loyal to its owners and gentle with children. It is a playful breed that romps like a puppy well into adulthood. Because the Aussie is alert and attentive, it also serves as an effective watchdog.

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What Is the Personality of an Australian Shepherd?
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The Australian shepherd was bred to herd livestock. Though its role has evolved to that of family pet, the dog is prone to nipping at people's heels to get them to move. Able to run and play for hours, it is a good pet for active children. The Aussie is intelligent, easy to train and eager to please. It is a loving companion and extremely devoted to its human family.

The dog barks when an intruder approaches, but rarely exhibits aggression. Australian shepherds require a lot of exercise and become even happier if given work or tasks to complete. Because they are so smart, they can get bored and become destructive if not mentally and physically stimulated.

Experts recommend proper training and socialization with people and other dogs at an early age to ensure that an Aussie develops an agreeable personality. These dogs can be dominant and stubborn, so owners need to act as firm pack leaders.

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