What Do Persian Cats Eat?

persian-cats-eat Credit: Benjamin Torode/Moment/Getty Images

Persian cats will generally eat any type of higher quality commercial cat foods; they usually do not respond well to cat treats. Persian cat diets can also be supplemented with pumpkin, goat milk and vitamin supplements.

As with humans and dogs, there are some things that are not safe for any breed of cat to eat. These foods while seemingly harmless to humans or even dogs, can be detrimental to the health of a cat. The foods that are dangerous for cats can even cause serious injuries and can lead to death. Cats should never be given alcohol, fed onions, offered a diet completely made up of fish, given food with small bones or provided with sugary foods.

When a cat is exposed to alcoholic beverages, they can become intoxicated and can eventually go into a coma. They do not have a fast enough metabolism to handle the alcohol that enters their blood. Onions can cause anemia in cats because of the sulfides that are present in the onion. While fish are generally good food for cats, the diet should not be made up entirely of it because of the deficiencies it causes. Cats can choke on small bones and their stomachs can become perforated. Sugary foods will lead to dental problems and obesity in cats.