What Are Some Perks of Having a Pet Turtle?


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One of the greatest perks to owning a pet turtle is its longevity, with many turtles living as long as 20 to 30 years. Other advantages include ease of care, limited housing costs and the frequent ability to keep turtles as pets where many other species are prohibited.

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Turtles adjust to all types of environments, including outdoor lawns and interior spaces. If the property possesses a grassy yard, simply make sure that the space is contained and that there is no predatory danger. If the turtle is meant to wander inside, remove any obstructions on which it can be trapped, and remove any toxic plants, as turtles are omnivores and are likely to try eating them.

Turtles are small and make no noise, making them ideal for apartments or condos. Turtles usually survive well in simple tank environments as long as they have water sources in which to swim, heaters to keep the water warm, lamps to provide basking space and substrates to line the landed portions. Turtles are also relatively cheap to feed, but owners need to distinguish between the different dietary needs of aquatic versus land species. For example, land turtles are often strictly herbivorous, while aquatic turtles enjoy occasional fish. Other common foods include cabbage, alfalfa, earthworms, bugs and snails.

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