What is a peppered cory catfish?


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The peppered cory catfish is a South American species of freshwater fish that has armor plating on its sides and short, fleshy "whiskers" hanging from the end of its snout. Its scientific name is Corydoras paleatus, which refers to its distinct armor plates.

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Peppered cory catfish are native to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. They are omnivorous but particularly enjoy eating bloodworms and other annelids. They are, on average, about 2.8 inches long and are metallic brown or gray with dark gray blotches. Wild fish have a higher contrast pattern of spotting than domestic fish and have a stronger metallic appearance to their scales, producing a shimmering effect. Some fish sold in the pet trade are albino or have reduced pigmentation. These fish are pink, white or yellow. True albinos have a pink patch on their backs right in front of the dorsal fin.

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