Why Do Some People Purchase Honey Bees?

Why Do Some People Purchase Honey Bees?

A common reason people buy honey bees is to harvest their honey to eat and for health and beauty benefits. Bees also help pollinate yards and ecosystems, yielding higher-producing gardens and crops, says Back Yard Hive.

Honey is a result of bees making food out of flower nectar. Bees store the honey in their honeycombs, and the honey is best harvested in the spring or late fall.

Honey bees pollinate gardens when they collect nectar for their honeycombs. This leads to larger crops of fruits and vegetables as well as pollinated flowers and foliage. The process also keeps the surrounding ecosystem in balance.

Honey has health benefits for humans as well. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial and helps relieve allergies. It is used in health and beauty products as well as food. Honey is being studied for the treatment of wounds and burns, as of 2015.

The population of bees is declining with continued use of pesticides and the threat of parasites and diseases that destroy hives. Purchasing honey bees and sustaining a beehive helps counteract this threat and keep the ecosystem thriving, says Back Yard Hive.

One in three bites of food humans consume are the result of pollination. Seventy out of 100 crops require pollination by bees, yet 42 percent of bee colonies have collapsed in 2015, says the National Resources Defense Council.