Do People Give Kittens Away for Free?


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It is common for people to give away kittens for free both in public spaces and on websites such as Craigslist.com. However, this is generally frowned upon due to multiple animal abusers who have been found to take advantage of these situations.

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Instead of giving away kittens or other pets for free, many people ask others to pay a small "rehoming fee" that can range from around $20 to $150. It is often inexpensive to adopt kittens and adult cats from animal shelters. Many shelters bathe, groom, and spay or neuter cats before adoption. It is easiest to find kittens in shelters during the spring or summer, but adult cats are almost always readily available. Approximately 3.4 million cats enter shelters each year and only around 37 percent are adopted.

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