How Do Penguins Behave?


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Penguins are the most social of bird species, communicating often with humans and other animal species. Penguins communicate through both visual and vocal methods. They do this more often during mating season and with regard to nesting territories.

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How Do Penguins Behave?
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Penguins are often found in groups, but they go alone to dive for food. The exception is Emperor penguins, which enjoy coordinated diving when looking for food. Some rookeries, which is are large colonies of penguins, include thousands of penguins all in the same area. King penguins are found in rookeries, but when traveling, they stick to groups of five to 20 penguins. Penguins are often seen preening their feathers and body by twisting and turning in the water for a few minutes and using their bills.

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