Do Pekingese Dogs Shed?

Do Pekingese Dogs Shed?


When properly cared for, Pekingese dogs are considered moderate shedders. Their abundant mane requires regular care in order to maintain and keep shedding to a minimum.

The Pekingese, or Peke, is a small dog with a long, full and course topcoat and a mane that resembles a lion’s. The undercoat is thick and soft. Because of all this hair, the Pekingese must be groomed regularly to avoid matting and to keep shedding under control.

A proper grooming routine for a Pekingese includes brushing and combing multiple times per week or even on a daily basis. The bushy coat around the anus can collect waste and should be inspected daily. The Peke also has a wrinkle above the nose that should be cleaned every day to prevent infection.

A thick coat makes the breed ill-equipped for hot weather, and it can easily die from too much heat exposure. The Pekingese must be kept in air conditioning during warm weather to avoid heat prostration.