What Do Pawikans Like to Eat?

Of the seven species of sea turtles found throughout the world, five are located in the Philippines. There, they are known as pawikans, and their diet is comprised of plants, corals, jellyfish and sponges. Hatchling pawikans eat a wider variety of foods, including larval crabs, fish eggs and seaweed.

The pawikans are a group of sea turtles that includes the green sea turtle, the hawksbill sea turtle, the loggerhead sea turtle, the olive ridley sea turtle and the leatherback sea turtle.

The jaws and mouth of each species of sea turtle have slight differences in shape according to food preferences. Loggerheads, for example, have large, strong jaws that enable them to prey upon conches and other hard-shelled crustaceans. The jaws of the leatherback contain sharp cusps that it uses to spear and hold jellyfish.