What Is a Parti Yorkie?


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A parti Yorkie is a Yorkshire terrier with a color mutation that results in white markings being added to the breed's normal coloring of blue and tan, blue and gold, black and tan, and black and gold. Particolor Yorkies can be registered but are not eligible for showing.

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White markings in Yorkies are believed to be due to a recessive gene that was first observed in a litter produced by Gertrud and Werner Biewer in 1984. The Biewers began a line-breeding program to continue the unusual coloring, and today, dogs descended from their program are known as Biewer terriers. Particolor Yorkies still appear but may no longer be crossed with Biewer terriers, which have their own breed club and as of August 2014 are working towards acceptance as a registered breed within the American Kennel Club.

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