What Is a Parti Schnauzer?


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Parti schnauzers are dogs of the miniature schnauzer breed that have fur that is mostly white with spots of color. Parti coloration is only seen in miniature schnauzers because the breed was produced by crossing standard schnauzers, which do not possess the parti gene, with miniature breeds, which do.

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Because the color pattern is not seen in standard schnauzers, parti dogs are banned from being shown in dog shows. Although they are outside the breed standard, they can still be registered as purebred miniature schnauzers. Parti coloration occasionally produces pure white dogs, but these are also banned from being shown for similar reasons. Parti patterns are caused by large areas of unpigmented hair; as a consequence, parti dogs and white dogs are frequently deaf, because the hearing apparatus inside the ear canal requires pigmentation to prevent nerve endings from atrophying while the puppy is developing.

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