Do Parrots Make Good Pets for Kids?


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In general, parrots are not a good pet for children. In fact, many American adults find that the personality and upkeep of the parrot is not a good fit for them either. Parrots are not a suitable pet for children because they are often dangerous, require a lot of attention, add additional expense and need a very specific environment.

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Do Parrots Make Good Pets for Kids?
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Parrots are wild animals with sharp beaks and claws. The loud and quick movements of children can startle the parrot and prompt attack. Bites from a large parrot are dangerous and can even require stitches. Also, parrots require daily cage cleanings to keep them healthy and many children are not capable of this level of responsibility. The parrot requires around two to six hours of attention from a human companion outside of the cage each day. This timetable is not always a match for a family's busy schedule. Parrots are naturally very vocal and they are extremely noisy and disruptive in the home.

Parrots are not a small investment with the cost for the bird itself being anywhere from four hundred to ten thousand dollars. There are additional expenses for food, veterinary care and bird cages. Add to that the fact that the average parrot can live up to fifty years and the expenses continue to grow.

Ultimately, base the decision to get a parrot as a pet for a child on the child's age and maturity level and time families can commit to keeping the parrot healthy and happy.

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